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Batch 1, story 25



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centre of Mason's Golden Lion plate

close-up of early C19 steam paddler, from plate border.  early paddlers could reverse one wheel for a fast turn - with dire results.  later paddlers could not reverse a wheel, for safety reasons.

mainmast of Golden Lion

border of plate, showing gaff cutters and early steam paddler

rope design on plate border

picture of Golden Lion in centre of plate

border of plate showing C19 gaff cutters and an early steam paddler.



On the deck of the ferry you had to hold very tightly onto the railings, or the wind would blow you away. It nearly blew your head off and your hair stuck out sideways. Adam’s mother went inside and sat behind the glass. She stared out at him with her eyes and mouth big, like a goldfish.

Sometimes you could see a lot of sea, and then you could see none at all but a lot of white sky. Then the deck would push up under your feet and you felt the railings move away. The deck would fall down fast and the railings bumped your nose. His father said he felt better in the fresh air. His face was green. Adam held out some chips.

“Go to the stern,” said his father, “and see the wash.” You had to walk in a zigzag on the rolling deck. Sometimes one leg was longer than the other one, and then it was the other way round. Adam sat down on the deck a few times.

Behind the ferry were lines of white water like a road. The sun came out and it glittered. Three dolphins arched their backs, crossing the white road. Adam wondered why Dad didn’t want to see this.

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the Mason's Golden Lion plate





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Mason's Golden Lion plate: centre picture.

rope design on border of plate

mainmast from Golden Lion picture

plate border showing gaff ketch, early C19 steam paddler, and some gaff cutters in background

rope design on plate border

Mason's mark on reverse (see Item Description).